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07 July 2010 @ 12:29 am

Hey everybody!


Well als you guys now.. I haven't been updating a lot.. and I got a good excuse for that..
if you want to keep updated with my life; check out


yup yup! 8D

But i still check you guys LJ's 8D don't worry! 
Much love, Leaa

05 November 2009 @ 01:39 pm
As seen at: ThaqueenofChaos

* Leave me a comment saying "PINK SHALL NEVER DIE!''

* I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can satisfy my curiosity

* Update your journal with the answers to the questions. Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions. (I'll also answer more, if asked.)

1. If the whole world would be devoid of Pink. What would your reaction be?
2. Who would be in your harem? At least 5 people but maximum 10. This could be fictional, celebrities or celebrities but in their fictional role :P (with pics please)
3. If you had allot of money, so much that it wasn't a problem not matter what you did. What would you do with it?
4. If you had a super power, what would it be?
5. Would you be a villian or a hero with said power?

1. Well.. there can be 2 situations.. 1) The whole world would be devoid of Pink at this very moment. Well then I would be very sad I think.. Pink is what I am! So.. so I wouldn't be very happy. But if Pink never existed I would probably just have picked out another colour.. maybe blue? But I just can't see myself as a blue person.. @___@
First up: One of the singers of MBLAQ.. MMH Yummy!
Second:  Another singer of MBLAQ! OW YEAH!
... for those stupid people who don't know who MBLAQ is.. shame on you! And check out this link: www.youtube.com/watch You don't have to watch the whole song if you don't like it.. but definitly check it out around 1:58 till 2:05.. OW YEAH!

Third:  JEREMY! From You're beautiful! Mmh.. I love Jeremy! XD He's so funny!
Fourth:   Lee Minho from Boys Over Flowers.. <3333333 *drool*
Fitfth:  Tae Kyung (or something like that) also from You're Beautiful.
... alright, no more Asian dudes... I shall look for some 'non-Asian' dudes:
Sixth:  Peter pan! The real life one! ... I do feel a bit Pedo now.. @_@
Seventh: ... well there are more asian dudes.. but I shall spare you guys! XD

3. First off all I would buy a house in Leiden.. and make sure that all my friends lived with me! Then I would spend money on my old house.. so my mum can finally have her bathroom ready.. and the addict! And the garden ofcourse! ;D Then I would book a trip to Korea.. and make sure that I would get in to all the awsome party's.. so that the celebrities would now me.. and then I would date on of them! WOOHOOO! *cough*

4. Ooh.. I would love to be able to shapeshift! <3 That would be so awsome!

5. I would be the anti-hero.. like; I don't want to save the world.. but I don't have much of a choice you know? Though my superhero outfit would be pink.. like.. sexy pink, not Mega Mindy pink.. but awsome pink! *goes to design her superhero outfit* 

Ooh this was fun! maybe I shall make another entry with more harem dudes.. but this time some more caucasian ones.. cause I know they are out there but my head is so full with hot asian dudes that I just can't seem to focus XD
Much love, Lea
23 October 2009 @ 10:30 am
 Well... today is my 18th birthday! yaaaaay!
I'm finally legal! Woooooot!
Thank you God, for keeping me safe that long!

Have a happy day! I know I will!

Much love, Leaa

15 October 2009 @ 11:58 am

Talk about a shit week..? 
First my wallet got stolen, then my cellphone died.. and now I can't even start my mums i-pod nano! @___@
She is going to kill me! Or.. feel very sorry for me? I don't know which is worst. It feels like I can't do anything right!

And next week are my first tests here on the big university, so I'm studying my ass off..
but I just can't seem to focus.. I don't study! I just look at the paper.. and hope that some of the words make sense to me.

I really feel like I'm in a deep puddle of stupid #&*$(@#. Though I shouldn't complain to much, cause I have a lot to look forward too!
My birthday is coming up next week! Sweet 18 baby! Everybody is asking what kind of presents I want..
but I don't know, there isn't really anything that I want.. yeah I want some beauty stuff.. like the 88 color palette( I mean.. all the eyeshadow colours of the WORLD! in one palette? it's amazing!) and some Shiseido or Laneige skincare stuff.. but I can't ask those things!
They are way to expensive!

OW! And I saw this amazing pair of boots..
but they were to small for me! And they didn't have any bigger pairs! Curse my large feet! (even though.. 40 in european size isn't that big here.. but if you want to buy asian boots.. yeah then you have giant feet XD).

... I just realised I talk a lot about make-up...

AM I TURNING INTO A GIRL?! *tamtamtaaaaaam -insert creepy music-*

Much love, Leaa

17 September 2009 @ 02:25 pm

[Copied from my other blog.. which link I won't post because no1 helped me with the contest >_> NO COOKIES FOR YOU!
(but I still love all of you x3)]

Hey there everybody! Sorry for the long absence! But I don’t have any Internet at my room at the university. So I will have to wait till the weekends to be able to post! Much has happend! I thought I would get an easy start.. well I was SO wrong! I had to give myself for a full 110% from day one! It’s very hard, but I don’t mind. It is what I want so I don’t mind to work hard for it. The study itself is more math than real psychological stuff so far. I really think they are trying to make as many people quit as they can. I can’t blaim them, Psychology is the largest study with 500 new students.. so if they want to eliminate a few. But I won’t be one of them!

Moehahah I’ve got my future plan ready now. This year I’m going to do all psychology, then in my second year I have some subjects I can choose on my own. I can do anything I want, so I want to do some Korean subjects then! Then in my third year I will study abroad at.. (can you guess) korea! Woooh! Doesn’t it sound awsome?

At the moment I'm abusing the Internet of the university. All the people next to me are looking weird at me because I've been checkin out k-pop bands for 2 hours now.. what? I had to catch up! Luckily I have a nice friend who has Internet allready.. so I can check my e-mail there now and then.

Ehm.. well I don't have much to say, exept that I really like the university life. Altough I had a reall down point yesterday. It felt like nothing was working like it supposed to be. I finally got my furniture in my room.. but it's still chaos and I still can't invite friends over because I can't offer them anything. I practically live at my friends room (which is one floor above me) and I feel really guilty for taking advantage of her... well not really, but if it wasn't for her I would still be camping! Let's just pray I get my refrigerator soon.. xD Today I'm feeling much better though! x3

Last I want to apologize to all my online friends who I have been neglecting! Also SA.. I haven't been online for.. forever! I'm sorry guys! As soon as life calms down (which it will.. I hope) I shall catch up with every single one of you! x3

Till then!

22 August 2009 @ 11:42 pm
 Heey everybody! CJP had this action where you could get a blog for free for a whole year! So I took advantage of that ofcourse.. so now I have a 'real' blog x3 Ofcourse I won't abandon LJ! At least I don't hope so, cause the good thing with LJ is that I can also keep track of your blogs!

Aaanyhow; my new blog runs on wordpress! And I found this awsome layout-maker! And she is holding a contest!
I can win a new layout for my new blog!

All you have to do is mention her link on your blog or twitter... and while I don't have twitter I can mention her here!

so here you go:


But YOU guys can help ME to win! 8D Isn't that awsome?
All you have to do is mention her link.. then comment here:
And if you mention my name and LJ in your comment, then you and I both can win!

So what are you waiting for? It will only take a second! and you would really do me a favour!

Chocolate cookies for everybody who does it! But don't forget to mention my name and LJ in the comment! 

Thanks in advance!

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19 August 2009 @ 05:59 pm

*dances around on keyboard*
ajkl;dsjfkl;ajkvl;nkalsiroam,.vnjdsakhoiuwebnfjklahvjukabms,d89ithynxjvnh ugxcbdcxzuaoierndiae4tnudfgksdfjklsdjl!!!!!

ow yes.. I am so happy.. I've got the perfect room! It's unbelievable!
You know Iris? the Chinese girl? well she also got a room this monday.. and my room is in the same building!
I don't live even 20 metres away from her! It's really.. wauw.. I'm so happy!

*goes celebrating*

It took some time but now I got the perfect room!

WOOOHOOO now I can read all those living magazines my mum has laying around!

16 August 2009 @ 11:10 pm
So.. after a lot of Dutch posts, I decided that I should let all my English watchers (do I have any of them?) also know that I'm alive and well!
I just came back from my introduction week at Leiden. I miss my group so much! And people outside my group! I made so much new friends! Especially 2 girls I slept next to in the sleeping room! It feels like I've known them for years.. and not just 3 weeks or so! 

We decided that we would go to Abunai together! But we need some cosplay ideas... can anyone help us?
I'm a tall blond chick.. and the other two are little cute and sexy asians! And we can't come up with any cosplaying ideas!
And I figured that there are a lot of people I know that DO watch a lot of anime... 
so can someone help us out?
... Maybe I should go as a boy or something.. but that would be painfull for my boobies I think.

Aaaanyhow; besides that. I'm probably getting an apartement (is this English?) together with one of those girls!
I will make a call to the agency tomorrow to ask about it.

The week itself was so busy and packed.. and I have a serious lack of sleeping, but I loved every minute of it.
I did so many things I normally would never do XD like partying a whole night! That's right!
I danced the whole night from friday 11PM till saturday 7AM... it was AMAZING!
And from wednesday I lived on energydrinks.. or else I would fall asleep!

I realise that this post is a bit weird en probably not grammatical correct,
but I blaim the lack of sleep! So next post wil be a bit more understandable..

<3 you all!
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03 August 2009 @ 08:19 pm
 zooow... 3 hospiteeravonden verder.. and still zero!
Dat betekent dat de teller rond de 15 zit.

Nu heb ik er woensdag en vrijdag weer eentje.. en dan daarna de El-cid week.
Afgelopen weekend had ik echt even weer een dip hoor..
er was iets misgegaan met me inschrijving, dus er was de mogelijkheid dat ik niet meer hoefde te hospiteren!
maarja.. dan kon ik dus ook niet meer studeren XD

Best raar op dat moment.. want dan ga je allerlei B-plannen verzinnen.
De meeste van mij hadden iets met Korea te maken;
- Een jaar in Korea wonen
- Koreaanse Cultuur en Taal gaan studeren
- Werken en Koreaanse studie doen.

En niets met Fotografie XD Dus ik zit nu erg te twijfelen of ik niet iets met Koreaans erbij moet gaan doen,
in plaats van Fotografie. Naja, ik hoef niet nu te beslissen.. eerst maar eens focussen op die bloody kamer
en op Psychologie.

Heb ik ondertussen al mensen die mensen in Leiden kennen?
ARGH het lijkt wel alsof niemand in Leiden woont.. XD

PS. I feel a lot better now. Ik heb een meisje leren kennen en I think I have found my first friend in Leiden!
WOOOH... ik maak al vrienden! Nu heb ik veel meer zin in de el-cid week (introductie week). 

20 July 2009 @ 11:15 pm
So I'm going on vacation tomorrow and I have two room-seeing-thingy's..

Wish me luck!
See you next Thuesday